Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ydanis Rodriguez hit in the head, arrested at OWS this morning (UPDATE)

Occupy Wall Street protesters got booted from Zuccotti Park late last night/early this morning. Nearly 100 were arrested. Among those was City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who represents Marble Hill and northern Manhattan. Go to 1:50 of the video to see him speaking to a reporter as he's handcuffed.

Also, check out the Storify below the video. It's a list of relevant tweets that came from his office, some of his fellow City Council members and one mayoral hopeful, among others. Constituents and followers of @Ydanis have been reaching out to him via Twitter to wish him well.

Rodriguez was scheduled to attend a press conference at City Hall today, calling for the Council to hold a meeting on public safety in parks that they cancelled when the NYPD told them last week they were too busy with OWS to go to the meeting. Irony at its worst.

UPDATE: From the Twitter of the group that marched from Washington Heights to Zuccotti Park in support of OWS last week (including Rodriguez): : Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus of the City Council holding a press conference in support of Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez 2pm Foley Square.

I'll try and get my hands on some video of it and post it. Stay tuned!

Jump below for statements from various organizations/elected officials.

Here are some responses from organizations/elected officials:

“The eviction of protesters from Zuccotti Park was not about public health. Rousting hundreds of peaceful protesters from their tents in the dead of night amid a media blackout doesn’t promote public safety – it endangers it," said New York Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Donna Lieberman.

"The NYCLU has a team of legal observers monitoring today’s events. We will work to ensure that police are held accountable for any misconduct. By all indication, the Occupy Wall Street protests will continue for some time, and we expect the NYPD to adapt its practices to accommodate protest.”

The NYCLU has protest monitors across Lower Manhattan, from Zuccotti Park to Duarte Square, and is monitoring the situation as it unfolds. Live updates are being posted on the NYCLU’s Twitter feed, twitter.com/nyclu. The organization is urging its 50,000 members to raise their voices and call 311 to complain that the NYPD is unlawfully blocking access to Zuccotti Park. We’re also asking protesters to share their stories and experiences with police via email at protest@nyclu.org.

And from state Senator Adriano Espaillat, who shares part of his district with Rodriguez:

“Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez is an outstanding public servant and a strong, thoughtful leader in Northern Manhattan. I am proud to continue my full support for Council Member Rodriguez because I know he is advocating for the 99% of New Yorkers who have been left behind in this economy.

“Furthermore, Council Member Rodriguez and the Occupy Wall Street movement represent ideas that have certainly resonated with everyday New Yorkers, as demonstrated by last week’s successful 11-mile march connecting diverse communities from Washington Heights to Wall Street.

“Together, we will continue to advocate for progressive solutions that uplift the working families we are so proud to represent, and build a stronger, more prosperous society that works for all.”

And City Comptroller John Liu:

"Going in and forcibly removing the protestors in the dead of night sends the wrong message. City Hall should have continued to talk with the protestors in the light of day if it wanted them removed, instead of evicting them in the middle of the night. There seems to be no compelling reason for this action at this time. The protestors have a right to be heard.”

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