Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bronx DA Johnson wins election...against no one

Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson had the Democratic, Republican and Conservative line, and was running completely unopposed, so the only thing we learned yesterday was how many people either came out to vote to keep a perfect voting record or had no idea who was running for what and just showed up anyways.

Scroll down to the fourth page to find the Bronx DA race, and you'll see that 20,358 people (unofficially) cast their vote for the only dog in the race.
The breakdown by which party line they voted on has 17,535 people (86.13%) voting for him on the Democratic line, 2,065 (10.14%) went Republican and 758 (3.72%) voters chose the Conservative Robert Johnson.

Well, that was an exciting race. We'll post something about the race for NYC mayor later today. That hopes to be a bit more exciting.

NYC 2011 Unofficial Election Results

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  1. What about the 'write in votes'? Shouldn't those votes be reflected in the final voting results?