Monday, November 28, 2011

Letter from PS 24 parents association to the school staff

The parents association at PS 24 in Riverdale sent a letter to the school staff, asking them not to speak to us here at the Riverdale Review & Bronx Press, because they claim we run a smear campaign against the school.

"On behalf of the parents of PS 24, who hold our school's administration, and its staff, in the highest regard, we ask that whoever is responsible for these leaks, to cease and desist immediately," the letter states.

We wrote a news story on the letter--and the reaction to the letter--in this week's Riverdale Review. Also, you can read our recent editorials to get our response and thoughts about the PA. I'm not going to speak on behalf of the paper on the blog, but I will say that we're not printing lies about the school; if we didn't report the bad grades that the city gives the school, the school still gets a bad grade. We just let the public know about it.

We welcome good news and accomplishments from all local schools and hope you'll let us know about it. Head over to the Contact Us page to get in touch.

A commenter requested to see the letter they sent, so here you go. Ask and you shall receive!

Letter from PS 24 Parents Association to Staff


  1. That so many public school parents thought this was a sensible thing to compose (shoddily), sign, and distribute to every teacher at their children's school . . . the mind boggles.

  2. G forbid that at a public school...information is, I don't know, Public!??? They should send their kids to private school. They must be Bloomberg supporters with all this hush-hush closed door nonsense. "Whatever we must cover up, skew or just outright change to make us look good!" is there motto!

  3. As a happy parent and strong supporter of PS24, I am appalled that seemingly intelligent group of parents representing PA thought this letter was a good idea. PA money goes toward school enrichment, not to buy silence and fake complacency from the school staff.

  4. The PA loved the review when they used it to oust the past principal Phil scharper. Funny how now it's a terrible paper. Yet the PA seems adamant that the reports about the current administration are not true or maybe not worth exploring. Ps 24 will always perform well because it has excellent teachers ad staff with or without a supportive and competent administration.