Friday, November 18, 2011

Where's Miss Frizzle's Magic School Bus? Probably on strike

The school bus union is prepared to strike if they don't get a better contract. That means no school bus service for the kids until it's resolved.

"We regret the possibility of what could be a major disturbance in the lives of students and their families. We continue to hope that the bus driver and escort union will not take such unwarranted action in response to what is the proper, legal course of action for the Department of Education to take on behalf of our students and the City taxpayers," Walcott writes.

He says that parents can request MetroCards for their children through the school, or for children in IEP classes, parents who will need to drive their children can get reimbursed 51 cents per mile or the cost of the taxi fares (you'll have to fill out a reimbursement form, of course).

The worst news, to the students, is that any field trip that is suppose to use school buses during the strike is cancelled!

On the bright side, at least next week's only a three day week! Good luck, parents.

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