Monday, November 14, 2011

Cuomo hasn't visited the Bronx once

I noticed this a while ago but didn't exactly have proof, but found it and wrote the article: Gov. Andrew Cuomo hasn't visited the Bronx once since he took office.

Our good friend Lloyd Ultan, the Bronx Borough Historian, told the news site that he can't recall any governor serving a single term without making a stop in “the most Democratic county in the whole country,” where 70 percent of registered voters are Democrats. To top it off, 90 percent of Bronxites voted for Cuomo in the past election.

From the site:
In fact, the Queens native has hardly visited New York City’s outer boroughs, home to more than one-third of the state’s population.
Travel records posted on Cuomo’s “CitizenConnects” website show him making just one trip each to Brooklyn and Staten Island this year. His only Queens appearance was to walk across the Nassau County border in the Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day parade.
Meanwhile the governor has made seven appearances in Nassau County, six in the Buffalo area, and five in and near Syracuse, as well as a dozen in Manhattan. He recorded almost 50 trips upstate, including eight related to Hurricane Irene, about double the number he made to New York City and Long Island combined.
A spokesman for the governor deflected the inquiry into why he doesn't spend more time in the outer boroughs, saying he travels to all corners of the state to push his platforms and engage citizens.

Ultan doesn't buy it, saying that the Bronx is where his attention should be at right now.

“The Bronx is the poorest county in New York,” he told CityHallNews. “Anything that can be done on the state level, and anything the governor could do to alleviate those issues, would be welcome.”

To see all the other places Cuomo has been, click here and roll over the "See Where We've Been" tab.

Just noticed this on Liz Benjamin's State of Politics Blog and wanted to add it (right below the link for the CityHallNews story): The governor’s quick trip to San Juan for the Somos conference was all about shoring up his support among black and Latino voters, who have started to grumble of late about his lack of attention. Hey Drew (Can I call you Drew? Thanks.), if that's your plan, here's an idea: come to the Bronx. We have plenty of Latino and black voters. And if you come during the summer, you can hang out at Orchard Beach and it'll be just like hanging out in San Juan!

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