Monday, November 7, 2011

Former Riverdale Review reporter spends night in Zuccotti Park for NY Post (UPDATE)

Candice at OWS last week.
Photo by Andrew Kelly, NY Post
Candice Giove, formerly a reporter with us here in the Bronx and now spending her time as a New York Post reporter, spent a night in Zuccotti Park for a Post article. Since then, she appeared on Good Day New York to discuss her sleepover with the protesters.

From her Post article:
Every camp tent is like its own state. There is “Camp Anonymous,” the group best known for anti-Scientology protests.
It’s neighbored by a tent full of vampires, the “Class War” tent and the “Occupy Paw Street” tent, whose residents hand out treats to occupying pets.
There’s also “Camp France” and the “Nic at Night” tent, which supplies the protest with smokes.
I settle on a sliver near Broadway by an OWS library -- which frighteningly has a children’s section. On a bulletin board, there are personal messages like, “Call your sister!”
She talked to a rape victim, spoke of drug use and highlighted the infighting between the occupiers, who have now been there for well over a month.

And here is the video of her appearance on Good Day New York:

UPDATE: Here's another video of Candice, this time she's on Fox & Friends discussing her overnight stay at Occupy Wall Street.

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