Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This week's Riverdale Review & Bronx Press

Here are the stories in this week's (Nov. 10-16) issues of the Riverdale Review and Bronx Press:

New SAT scores bring more bad news to RKA
Bronx resident places second in New York City Marathon
Pols back permits for local parking
Local roadways begin to resemble the surface of the moon
Chain stores flock to the Bronx
Lights, camera, action, no parking
New restaurant plans kids' cooking class
Fabric art by Jane Trigere at Derfner Museum
Neighbors raise concerns with SAR high school

Also in the Bronx Press:
Larry Seabrook finally goes to trial

Check back at some point today or tomorrow for some of these stories, or find the newspaper in your nearest street box, bank, library, apartment building, etc. etc.

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