Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow storm knocks out power for thousands

The snowstorm that blew through the city this weekend knocked out electricity for over 9,500 people, Con Edison said. As of earlier today, a little over 1,000 were still without power. They hope to restore most of what's left by midnight tonight. Judging by the drive I took around Riverdale today, they're going to have a hard time fulfilling that promise.

Driving through leafy Fieldston proved impossible this morning, as Con Ed had crews throughout the neighborhood blocking roads as they cleared up massive amounts of debris. On the other side of the Henry Hudson Parkway, many of the narrow roads were made even narrower by branches that had fallow to the wayside. One tree was hanging over the street, daring drivers to travel underneath it (see photo below).

We haven't received any statements blasting the Mayor or the City for poor performances on storm management (though we haven't received any congratulating them, either), but we did see this on City Councilman James Vacca's Facebook page during the storm:
I've got to say something tonight and say it very clearly. Can you imagine how many people would not be losing power tonight if NYC pruned its trees on a regular basis? Our city's tree maintenance program or the lack of one that meets the needs of its residents comes home to roost when we have storms like this.
He did later thank City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Con Ed and DSNY for reaching out to him to coordinate help for the east Bronx, which took a good portion of the beating from the storm.
Firemen move a power line on Riverdale Avenue during the storm.

A house along Palisade Avenue in Riverdale.

A car is forced to go onto the other side of Palisade Avenue on Monday.

W. 249th Street on Monday. No work appears to have been done by the City to stabilize the tree.
That didn't stop me from driving (quickly) under it.

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