Tuesday, October 11, 2011

News that's not news: Rudy Giuliani isn't running for President

In all the hype over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie endorsing Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential candidate, America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has announced today that he is, just like Christie, not running for president.

Not America's President, at least this time around.
Politico reports that Giuliani, a Manhattan College alum, made the announcement at a Long Island Association event.
Asked by the group's president Kevin Law about reports that he had sent messages to New Hampshire supporters to keep their powder dry, Giuliani joked that they must have gone missing, according to one attendee.
And he added definitively, "If it's too late for Chris Christie, it's too late for me."
Giuliani had entertained the prospect of another presidential bid after his failed attempt last election. At the Manhattan College 9/11 remembrance event, we asked him if he'd like to make it official to us, but he just laughed and said he wasn't ready to jump into the race yet. But what little buzz he generated died when Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined the race. Perry was the only sitting governor to endorse Giuliani four years ago, and a handful of the former mayor’s aides and supporters are backing the Texas governor this year.

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