Friday, October 7, 2011

2014: Klein vs. Clinton?

Earlier this year, I theorized that redistricting in New York State could pit Sens. Jeff Klein and Rev. Ruben Diaz against one another for a state Senate seat in 2012. Well, this is another theory that has no hard facts to back it up, but instead only assumptions, hopes and possibility.

Politico tossed up the idea of Chelsea Clinton running for Congress, specifically for Rep. Nita Lowey's seat after the Congress woman retires:
The specter of someone with the last name of Clinton edging into public service inevitably raises the prospect of public office – perhaps an appointment by her mother’s boss, the president of the United States, or by an old family friend, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Or perhaps a run for Congress. Clinton allies suggested that option as a possibility for her, either in New York City where she lives, or farther north.
Rep. Nita Lowey, an old family ally who represents the official Clinton home in Westchester County, turned 74 in July and two Clinton supporters suggested that Chelsea Clinton might be a natural for her seat should Lowey decide to retire in coming years.
But Politico also added that a Lowey spokesperson was adamant in noting that Lowey is most definitely running for reelection in 2012.

But that got us thinking, because we remember a Bob Kappstatter column in the Daily News about state redistricting that said this:
Some quarters think Jeff may now have shifted his long-term goal from becoming the party's Senate leader to eying a run for Congress although Jeff has denied it in the past.
A lot would depend on the upcoming redistricting battle in Albany and whether 11-term Rep. Nita Lowey is up to serving another term in her lower Westchester district, which takes in a chunk of Jeff's senate district. We shall see . . .
So when Lowey eventually does step down, could we see the Bronx senator go toe to toe with Clinton? Again, just pure speculation...

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