Friday, October 21, 2011

85 public Wi-Fi spots in the Bronx; a few more in Manhattan

Give or take a few, I counted 85 places where people can find a Wi-Fi signal in the Bronx. Most of them are McDonald's and public libraries.

The map has been created by NYC Digital, a city office pushing the city government into the 21st century.

The Village Voice reached out to a NYC Digital spokesperson, who told them, "the entire platform is new" and that "This new platform includes API-enabled data and powerful data visualization tools that allow anyone to instantly create charts, graphs and interactive maps like the one of Wifi Hotspot locations.

The biggest thing we noticed is the disparity of Wi-Fi spots between the Bronx and Manhattan. The 'Starbucks on every corner' joke seems to be true. Try clicking any of the spots below and it seems like 90 percent of them show a Starbucks. That being said, I'm pretty sure the Starbucks on Johnson Avenue and West 235th Street in Riverdale has Wi-Fi, but the map doesn't show it. We've contacted NYC Digital asking them how accurate the map is and are waiting to hear back.

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