Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cabrera introduces a bill requiring NYPD to report neighborhood crime stats

City Councilman Fernando Cabrera introduced a bill yesterday requiring the NYPD to report crime statistics by sector in addition to the currently provided precinct-wide stats.
This comes after months of editorials from local newspapers in the mid and south Bronx, and would require the Mayor’s Office of Operations to report crime statistics by New York City Police Department sector (the neighborhood demarcations of a precinct). The NYPD would be required to make Sector Stats available on their website and to deliver these statistics to community boards within 10 days of making it public.

"When people hear that there is an increase or decrease in crime, they want to know what that means in their neighborhood," Cabrera said. "They want to know what that means for their family, their corner and their block. And while the NYPD has been aggressive in fighting crime throughout the precincts, our communities can benefit from knowing what’s going on closer to home.

"The NYPD has made these statistics available in the past. What this bill would do is make this information available not just sporadically, but every month so New Yorkers could be better informed and work together with the Department to help keep their communities safe."

Cabrera says he needs the stats to help with the placement of security cameras in The Bronx. The bill will most likely go through months of review and alterations before a vote can be taken.

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