Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JLo still pretending she cares about the Bronx

In a Detroit-Ford style commercial for Fiat, pop-singer/American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez stars in a commercial where she drives throughout the Bronx (her hometown) talking about how the Bronx made her who she is. By nearly all means it's a great commercial to the rest of the country. Those Eminem-Ford commercials hype me up, and the Bronx could certainly use as much positive hype as it can get.

But there are two major flaws in the commercial. First and foremost is that JLo doesn't give back to the Bronx. Friends I have who went to the same high school she graduated from say she's never given a penny to the school and rarely even comes back to the borough.

The other problem: Pause the video at the one second mark and look at what bridge they show. It's the Brooklyn Bridge.

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