Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jason Bateman and Alexander Skarsgard in Riverdale (Sad UPDATE)

Bateman is (not) shooting
a film in Riverdale.
Movies and television shows are shot in New York City all the time; it's part of our life. But they're more often shot in Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, and only occasionally do film sets come to the Bronx, and specifically Riverdale.

So head over to the NoMa Blog to see an exclusive photo of the film set "Disconnect," starring Jason Bateman and Alexander Skarsgard. The blogger promises more photos coming from an "insider."

According to NoMa, they will be filming at the Solaria until 3 a.m. tonight and from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Thursday and Friday nights. They note that Skarsgard is from True Blood, though I am more focused on trying to catch a glimpse of Bateman, the star of Arrested Development.

"Disconnect" is a "Crash"-style ensemble piece that explores various characters and how they are affected -- and in some cases destroyed -- by the Internet and other forms of modern communication. The cast also includes Frank Grillo ("Prison Break"), Andrea Riseborough and Michael Nyqvist, with Bateman set to play the overprotective father of Colin Ford's character.

UPDATE: My insider tells me Bateman and Skarsgard probably won't be in Riverdale. The filming taking place in the Solaria is some of the lower level celebs. Just to clarify, NoMa never said the actors would be there. I was just hoping to see them if they were.

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