Friday, October 7, 2011

Parking meters dressing up as Muni-meters for Halloween, then never changing back

It's already happened in Manhattan: there are no more old, single-space parking meters. And now it's beginning to happen in the Bronx. Yes, many corridors have already made the transformation, but now the city is coming in to finish the kill.

RIP single-space parking meters
Beginning Oct. 28, the DOT will be in the Fordham area replacing the single-space meters with munis. Whether you like them or not, the city doesn't care. Not only do they raise more revenue (you can't piggyback off someone's leftover minutes anymore), but also they cost less to maintain and operate. And if one is broken, you're suppose to find the next closest one to get your receipt from. No more free rides.

I'll update this blog with new posts every time I hear about a new area being converted.

Here are the areas being updated Oct. 28:
  • West and East Fordham Road from King Boulevard to Hoffman Street
  • Grand Concourse from East 180th Street to East Kingsbridge Road
  • Jerome Avenue from East 184th Street to East 193rd Street
  • Webster Avenue from East 187th Street to Bedford Park Boulevard
  • Sections of Marion, Bainbridge, Tiebout, Briggs, Valentine, Creston, Morris, Walton, Davidson and Grand Avenues, and East 188th Street


  1. Lame. I know that I make an effort to pass along my little time slip to someone parking nearby if there is time left on it! If everyone does it we can stick it to the man (one quarter at a time)!

    I also wish they'd address the environmental impact of simply tossing (which I imagine is what they're doing) with hundreds of metal single parking meters.

  2. How nice of you! I hope I run into you on the street in the future.
    Here's a good tip: if you "buy" enough time, you can go from parking area to parking area on the same ticket (So, to take full advantage, buy your parking ticket in the Bronx and then head down to Manhattan where the rates are higher). Though I know the City Council is aware of this loophole and may be taking steps to close it, if they haven't already.

    And to the environment, I know they're leaving many of the poles there to help people park cars in an orderly fashion, though I have no idea what they're doing with meter heads. And the muni meters run off of solar power, so that's a plus I guess.