Friday, December 2, 2011

Walmart has the second largest active army in the world

Mayor Bloomberg said last week, incorrectly, that his army-the NYPD-is the seventh largest in the world. That wasn't correct, seeing as the NYPD only has about 33,000 people.

Walmart, however, has 2.1 million people, so if they all decided to buy a gun from the superstore (then walk out to their car, put the gun away, walk back in and buy bullets--and yes, that's a rumor I heard that I can not confirm about not being able to buy guns and ammo at the same time in some states), they'd be the second biggest active army in the world, trailing only China.

That's just one statistic out of many in this nice little infographic about Walmart.

Other tidbits include that 96% of Americans live within 20 miles of a Walmart, and that if you lined up every one of Walmart's warehouses, they would cover the entire island of Manhattan.

Check it out after the jump.

Walmart Infographic

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