Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...a special session

Speaking with a handful of various staff members in both the state Senate and Assembly, everyone seems to be preparing for a special legislative session to resolve the state budget. Earlier today on the State of the Politics blog, Liz Benjamin also said she's heard rumblings that a special session could be called as early as next week:
Members of the Assembly are being given a heads up this morning that a tentative three-day special session in Albany next week is possible, a highly placed Democratic source said.
The potential session would be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.
One source who was down at an event at City Hall today told us that the legislators are all talking about it with one another but don't have any official word exactly.

Another source, when asked if the special session would turn into a circus, gave me a list of things that will probably get brought up regardless of if Governor Cuomo has a set agenda or not:
  • tax code millionaire's tax, but one that's more equitable nonetheless (higher rates for wealthy mixed w/ tax cuts for middle-class)
  • taxi medallion issue
  • possibly healthcare issue (NY is not in compliance)
Last week, Cuomo said he wouldn't bring the legislators back just for show and games and wanted to have a strict plan in place for them to work on and/or vote on.

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