Thursday, December 22, 2011

Manhattan BP helps light Riverdale menorah

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer came up to Riverdale last night to help light the menorah in Bell Tower Park.

The menorah, at over 30-feet-high and over 600 lbs, is the largest menorah in the Bronx.
Stringer, lighting the menorah, for the second day of Chanukah.
Stringer, lighting the menorah.
PS 24 student Dylan also got to light one of the candles.
Stringer, a potential mayoral candidate, joined students from PS 24 and local Jewish leaders.

He seemed to enjoy himself during the ceremony. As he was in the crane, he joked to the crowd, "12 days ago my wife gave birth...she asked what I'd be doing in the Bronx...I told her I was only lighting a menorah...if only she could see me now!"

He quickly got back on track, playing to the Jewish crowd: "It's great to be in Riverdale--a wonderful, vibrant Jewish community."

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