Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Officials, agencies react to Cuomo's tax plan

City Comptroller John Liu, State Senator Gustavo Rivera, the MTA and the Alliance for Quality Education have all released statements complimenting Governor Andrew Cuomo on his leadership in tax reform. More statements will flow in, so I'll post them all below the jump.

Here's part of Cuomo's press release from today. Read the whole thing here.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today announced that they have reached a proposed three-way agreement on legislative and executive proposals to create jobs and cut taxes for middle class New Yorkers. The agreement includes support for a comprehensive New York Works Agenda that will create thousands of jobs with new investments in New York's infrastructure, passing a fair tax reform plan that achieves the first major restructuring of the tax code in decades resulting in a tax cut for 4.4 million middle class New Yorkers taxpayers, approving $50 million in additional relief for areas devastated by recent floods, and reducing the MTA payroll tax to provide relief for small businesses. The leaders will now present the agreement to their members for approval.

"Our state government has come together in a bipartisan manner to create jobs, grow our economy and, at the same time enact a fair tax plan that cuts taxes for the middle class," Governor Cuomo said. "We are investing in projects that will restore our state's infrastructure and put thousands of people to work. We are cutting taxes on middle class New Yorkers and small businesses, which will inject nearly $1 billion into our economy. We are targeting new tax credits to hire inner city youth and reduce unemployment in some of the poorest areas of our state, as well as providing direct aid to communities struggling to recover in the wake of this year's severe storms. This would be lowest tax rate for middle class families in 58 years. This job-creating economic plan defies the political gridlock that has paralyzed Washington and shows that we can make government work for the people of this State once again."

Jump below for the statements.

State Senator Gustavo Rivera:
“I applaud Governor Cuomo's for his leadership in taking on tax reform and for acknowledging that New York State can address economic development at the same time that we address economic inequality. After being asked to continuously sacrifice during tough economic times, middle class and working families in the 33rd Senate District in the Bronx will be receiving a tax cut to help them get back on track.  Together, we have brought the tax rate for middle class families to its lowest in 58 years in the state of New York. Once again, Governor Cuomo and the state of New York have taken a lead on creating a more fair and progressive tax system that should be a model for other states and for our federal government.

"Despite lowering taxes, this plan will also bring in $1.9 billion in much-needed revenue to the state of New York that I hope will be used to fund education, health and public safety programs cut over previous years. With more than half of my constituents earning less than $25,000 a year, there is no doubt in my mind that the communities that I represent are hit the hardest by cutting critical human services. I hope that by continuing to work with Governor Cuomo over the coming days and months, we will be able to ensure that communities like the ones I represent are not being asked to sacrifice further and that a sense of fairness is restored to both our tax system and our budget priorities.”

Statement by Billy Easton, Director of Alliance for Quality Education
“Today the Governor and the legislative leaders announced an agreement on a deal to restructure the New York State tax code. This deal is projected to produce $2 billion in annual revenues which is a significant step in the right direction. AQE applauds the Assembly Majority and Senate Minority for consistently advocating tax fairness and adequate revenues. We appreciate the fact that the Governor and the Senate Majority are responding to the demands of the 99% of New Yorkers for tax fairness. However, we are concerned that $2 billion in revenues does not fully address the $5 billion hole created by the elimination of the existing millionaire’s tax.

An essential measure of the effectiveness of this plan will be whether it allows the state to restore the damaging and inequitable cuts that were made to schools across the state. We must get back on track to meet our obligations to provide a quality education to all students—not only to some.

Throughout 2011 the Alliance for Quality Education has consistently pressed for tax fairness that would produce the revenues New York needs to address quality education and other vital community needs. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and hundreds of organizations have joined together in these efforts. The demand for fairness and opportunity does not end today. In schools across the state, especially in poor and middle class communities, class sizes have jumped, and arts, music, sports and the quality of curriculum have been cut back. We need to ensure that revenues are adequate to the needs our school children and the health of our communities. Now the Governor and lawmakers must turn their attention to closing corporate loopholes in the coming budget in order to allow us to adequately prioritize schools and communities.”
MTA Statement on Tax Announcement
"We are grateful to the Governor, Majority Leader and Speaker for reaching an agreement that ensures the MTA will continue to receive the level of funding needed to keep New York and its economy moving."
City Comptroller John C. Liu today issued the following statement in response to questions concerning the announcement of proposed tax reforms:
“The proposed tax reform agreement announced today looks promising, as it would cut taxes for the middle class, retain taxes on the wealthy, and generate new revenue for the State. Under the plan, the State’s income tax would be more progressive in the middle brackets -- making a greater distinction between those earning $40,000 a year and those earning $300,000 -- which is reasonable and warranted. Overall the plan would benefit our State’s working families, whose financial health is vital to our economic recovery. I applaud Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Skelos, and Assembly Speaker Silver for their leadership on this important issue and look forward to reviewing the proposal further.”

Statement by Manhattan Borough President Stringer on Governor Cuomo's Proposed Tax Reforms
I am gratified that New York state lawmakers worked together and agreed on a plan to boost our economy, unlike those in Washington D.C. who continue to be paralyzed by political gridlock. At a time of such economic uncertainty, their willingness to find common ground is an example others need to follow. Governor Cuomo's tax reform plan is an important step toward removing the inequities in our tax code that, for too long, have penalized lower and middle income earners at the expense of the highest earners. Under this plan, New York will ensure that those who earn the greatest salaries pay the most in taxes, while granting long overdue tax breaks to poor and less affluent earners. These reforms hold out the promise of revitalizing our economy and generating jobs, and they will also provide a tax break for middle class families.

Statement by Public Advocate de Blasio on Governor Cuomo's Tax Plan

“For too long, New York’s tax system has been inherently unfair, taxing lower and middle income earners at the same rate as the very wealthiest. Governor Cuomo knows that any plan to revive our economy must be fair for all people and require everyone to do their part. The Governor’s fair tax plan reverses this trend and ensures that those who have made the most also pay the most. In the short term, he will provide a tax break for the middle class which will boost the economy. The Governor has also positioned the state to be more fair and competitive in the long-term by appointing a tax reform commission to make permanent changes to the code.

"By putting in place a fairer tax structure, Governor Cuomo and State legislative leaders have shown, in contrast to the gridlock in Washington, that by working together we can find solutions to the problems facing our state and nation.”
“On behalf of all 1.4 million Bronxites, I would like to congratulate Governor Cuomo on his outstanding leadership and determination to reform New York State’s tax system. It is time to let those earning the most in our State pay their fair share, and that we spend that added revenue on creating much needed jobs and help put our state's economy on a path for growth. Through this plan Bronx middle class and working class families will receive a tax break, one that can make a big difference in their day to day lives.

“This plan will not only help in putting thousands of people to work, but also help fund education and community-geared programs that have faced devastating cuts in recent years."

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