Thursday, July 7, 2011

You got $3 million for a castle? Yeah, me neither

Ah, Fieldston. Home to the elegant, historic and beautiful mansions that none of us plebs will ever have the chance to live in.

Yep, that's a Castle.

Recently, a handful of Fieldston's super-houses that were put up for sale/rent made city-wide and even national news (Like the one that rents for $20,000 a month one block away). This is another one of those stories.

Here's a Wall Street Journal article about a house that was modeled to look like a Castle from Croatia.

Do yourself a favor and look through the slideshow. This house looks like the fantasy of every 5-year-old child who wishes he was a knight in shining armor or she was the princess who needed rescuing.

The article says the owners, Alec Diacou and Suzi Arensberg, bought the house in 2004 for $1.8 million, then put in $1.5 million in renovations over 2 1/2 years, and are now selling it for $2.995 million.

Jump on down below for more info about the Castle.
"I was leery because it looked dark to me," said Ms. Arensberg. "But once we lived in it, I adored the 1920s cross-hatching windows, which were beautifully maintained."
The article says the couple, who also own a Tudor nearby and a co-op in Manhattan, use the castle as a summer home. The couple is apparently selling the Tudor as well (no word on what that price is) and said they'd rather sell the Tudor and keep the Castle.

From the Wall Street Journal:
The castle has five bedrooms and 4½ bathrooms. The breakfast room is set in a turret, just off a large chef's kitchen, which has wide-planked oak floors and ergonomic countertops made of reclaimed marble from the former International Toy Center in Manhattan.
When not being lived in, the Castle becomes the headquarters of Yes the Bronx, Diacou's nonprofit organization aimed at rebranding the Bronx. I wouldn't mind joining up with them if it means some time inside the house.

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