Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Is it hot enough for you?"

This is the sun.
I hate that sentence, but I'd rather be hot than have to shovel snow. Anyways, if you're having a hard time surviving the heat, call your local community board or elected official's office, or go to the city's website, to find the closest cooling center. Most of them are places like libraries and community centers, so hopefully they'll have some cool stuff for you to do while you're there.* Libraries obviously have books, but most of them also have videogames, music and movies to keep you occupied. I've never been to a cooling center, but they promise to have air conditioning, which on a day like today, is worth checking out. Let me know how they are if you go.

*Did I write this post just to throw a pun in that sentence? In the words of Sarah Palin, you betchya!

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