Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat shuts down subway clocks

Here's a story from Gothamist about the subway's countdown clocks, and how the heat is causing a few of them to shut down. If you notice the list, you'll see that all of them are along trains that Bronxites typically use.

Spring Street (6) Intervale (2)
Park Place (2,3)
191st Street (1)
145th Street-Lenox (3)
Clark Street (2,3)
Utica Ave (4)
Gun Hill Road (2, 5)
86th Street/Lex (4)
79th Street (1)
77th Street/Lex (6)
59th Street-Columbus Circle
145th Street (1)

Here's what the MTA told Gothamist:
“In certain subway stations, when we experience several days of hot weather, temperatures can exceed 120 degrees in the communications rooms that hold the equipment that drive the countdown clocks. We are constantly monitoring temperatures and working to install cooling systems in impacted communications rooms. We know our customers have come to rely on the “next train arrival” information and we apologize for the inconvenience and ask for their patience as we work to resolve this issue."
So I suppose as the heat continues, and gets worse tomorrow, we can expect more clocks to shut down.

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