Monday, July 25, 2011

The Review of the Bronx

Here's a couple stories of interest that you may want to check out. I know we said we weren't going to do roundups, but our blogging has been slow lately, so this is to make up for that.

Check out this Crain's article about the revival of the Bronx and how the borough is slowly overcoming its bad reputation.

And here's an update on the former state senator Efrain Gonzalez Jr. He attempted to withdraw a guilty plea on corruption charges but was denied.

Over a dozen people were arrested at public pools throughout the city over the weekend. Out of the 14 people arrested, two were at the Van Cortlandt Park swimming pool.

The homeless problem in the Bronx has been fairly evident, and Kyle Smith explains in the New York Post that it's because shelters are cash cows for the well connected.

Here's the obligatory gay marriage story, from the Daily News.

And here's the story about the group looking to file a lawsuit to nullify the marriages. They claim the State Senate did not act correctly when they passed the bill earlier this month.

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