Thursday, July 21, 2011

This week in the Review...

Bronx Press and Riverdale Review are out on the streets now!

Here are the stories in this week's edition (July 21-27):

PS 24 educrat 'won't leave home' without credit card
Professional ice rink at Armory advances, making dinky rink at VC Park a joke
A million trees that city can't prune
23% of PS 24 kids don't live in community
VC Village facing a parking crisis
Riverdalian studies post-traumatic stress disorder
City Ed Dept to have a survey about their survey
Bronx Dems celebrate a year of unity
Person on the Street: How do you feel about a BJ's coming to Riverdale?

Also, in the Bronx Press:
Diaz calls on Feds to intervene in Muller dispute
Senators trying to prevent cuts to hospitals

As always, enjoy your reading, and if you have any tips or ideas (especially about what you'd like us to ask in Person on the Street), comment below or email us at bronxpolitics[at]

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