Friday, July 8, 2011

This isn't Jim Carrey's "Mask"

And it's definitely not something that the Parks Department would be able to throw out.
Mask, deep within VCP, was created by international artists.

It's dubbed Mask, and it sits 15-feet high and made out of steel. Created by seven international artists from the Art Students League, this giant sculpture will be on display until next summer.

It's a collaborative piece created in the league’s Model to Monument program.

“We’re very proud of this program that takes League artists through the entire process of creating public art for people to contemplate and enjoy,” said Ira Goldberg, the League's executive director.

Students visited the park to brainstorm ideas for what they wanted to create. Eventually, students chose to play on the tragedy and comedy masks to that represent theater. The sculpture will be behind the Van Cortlandt Park Museum and swimming pool, where many plays take place.

“We are going beyond a straight studio practice and actually connecting the artists with the rigors of creating public works,” Greg Wyatt, the students' teacher, said. “These works will receive public reaction, contact, praise, criticism and outdoor weather for one year. That we have the amazing landscape of the public parks and traffic in which to present them is a great gift.”

The sculptors are Elizabeth Allison, Selva Sanjines, John Balsamo, Noa Shay, Allston Chapman, Matthew White, and Akihiro Ito. They all also have individual pieces on display in Manhattan's Riverside Park South.

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