Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This week in the Review...

Here are the headlines in this week's Riverdale Review and Bronx Press (Sept. 8-14):

Property values plummet here
Large 14-acre riverfront property about to change hands
9/11 remembrances throughout area
More skating rink delays seen
Police seek driver in Riverdale hit-and-run
Koppell spurs clean up on Greystone Avenue
Board to formulate wish list for Broadway mall
Runners beg city: 'Don't pave Putnam Trail'
Local LGBT organization plans monthly get-together

And also in the Bronx Press:
Raiders win inaugural Bronx Little League championship (Go here for the story)
Tour bus driver pleads not guilty in 1-95 crash

Again, no Person on the Street until our fall intern starts, but if you have any idea for us, leave a comment and we'll have it for you in next week's paper!

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