Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bronx welcomes 'The Big 4' with 'Anthrax Day'

The Big 4 will be in
the Bronx next week.
The Bronx is known for hip hop and salsa, but the borough has also produced a good amount of head banging and heavy metal.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. is rolling out the welcome mat for fans coming to town to see iconic heavy metal bands Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer, “The Big 4,” all performing live right here in the Bronx on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at Yankee Stadium.

A bonus in this mega concert is Anthrax has a handful of members born and bred in the Bronx - Charlie Benante, Frank Bello and Rob Caggiano. Both Benante and Bello grew up in Throggs Neck, while Caggiano is a native of Pelham Parkway. In honor of the band’s return home, Diaz has officially declared Sept. 14 as “Anthrax Day in the Bronx." 

Diaz, whose love of hip hop is well known and who initiated the first-ever “Bronx SalsaFest” this past summer, is “moshing” to a much heavier beat this month, hoping the event will spur some economic activity in the area. 

“This mega concert, one of the most anticipated events in recent memory, will bring thousands of new visitors to the Bronx,” said Diaz. “We’re inviting concert goers to come early and count down to the start of the show at our great neighborhood restaurants and bars, and take in a little of what the Bronx has to offer. 

“The Bronx may be known as the home of hip-hop and salsa, but make no mistake, our musical contributions are much more expansive. These heavy metal legends grew up right here in our borough, and I am proud to welcome Anthrax back to their Bronx home."

However, not everyone may be excited for the metal heads to invade the Bronx. As Candice Giove at the New York Post (formerly at the Riverdale Review) pointed out two weeks ago, 161st Street BID executive director Dr. Cary Goodman is worried that what happened at other concerts may happen here. "Heavy-metal devotees shut out of sold-out performance venues rioted last year in Colombia and Chile, leading to hundreds of arrests and damaged property," Giove wrote Goodman told her.

Jump below to see what the Bronx Tourism Council has in store for the event and a video of Bronx bred Anthrax.

In the build up to the concert, the Bronx Tourism Council at BOEDC is spearheading the Metal Heads Welcome promotion, which spotlights the businesses in the 161st Street neighborhood surrounding the stadium.  Restaurants and bars will offer choices like “Metallica Martinis” and “Metal Mayhem Meatball” specials and pipe in music by the world-famous bands. Baltimore-based radio station 98Rock FM will also broadcast live from the neighborhood, capturing the energy and enthusiasm of the Bronx crowds gathered for this historic heavy metal event. 

“Concerts at Yankee Stadium like the ‘Big 4’ and college football games later this year are providing an unprecedented opportunity for more foot traffic and increased business for area merchants,” said Doris Quinones, executive director of the Bronx Tourism Council.  “We’re delighted to be working with these great local businesses to attract visitors and to redefine what constitutes busy season at 161st Street.” 

Echoing the Borough President’s enthusiasm is Joe Bastone, owner of Yankee Tavern, who went to school with some of the Anthrax band members and who is participating in the tourism council promotion. 

“All of these events are great for neighborhood merchants,” said Bastone. “The more of them, the better.” 

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