Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Week ends and a much better week, Craft Beer Week, begins

Rejoice, beer fans of the Bronx! It's Craft Beer Week!
Better than Fashion Week.

Now that all those hoytie toytie fashionistas of the world are done with their "art," us real New Yorkers can get down to enjoying what's important in life: ice cold beer.

From Sept. 16-25, the fourth annual New York Craft Beer Week will be taking over bars and restaurants throughout the city. Over 100 venues are participating with discounts on craft beer, music, parties, giveaways and so much more. You can purchase a 'passport' that will give you the opportunity to buy your first beer at each bar for only $3. They also allow you to buy it as an app for your Android or iPhone, so you can just show that to the bartender for the discount.
Enjoy over 150 craft beer destinations with the much-anticipated NYC Beer Passport 2011, the official NY Craft Beer Week program and resource guide. Passports are $10, and allows for promotional offers at participating venues. During the Beer Week, use your Passport to purchase a beer from each bar's featured brewery, and instead of paying $6 or 7, it's only $3 for the same beer through the Passport program (Passports have an offer for one serving at each bar). The bars will also offer a one-time promotion of $2 off a NY State produced beer through Labor Day 2012 to extend the Passport's value for those consumers unable to visit every bar during the Beer Week (offers may vary).
Unfortunately, you'll only find three places in the Boogie Down where the week will be celebrated. The availability for craft beer in the Bronx still isn't where it should be, though the guys from the Bronx Brewery and Jonas Bronck's Beer Co. are quickly changing that.

Jump below to find out where you can go to celebrate Craft Beer Week.
For instance, The Bronx Brewery is teaming up with the Bruckner Bar & Grill (Under the Third Avenue Bridge in Mott Haven) for some karaoke and also a jazz night as part of the beer week. The bar and the brewery are on the same block, so it appears they've started to form a tight partnership. "It’s gonna be a crazy week if you ask me," said an employee of the bar earlier today.

At the Bronx Ale House in Kingsbridge, they're "going to be doing the same thing we've been doing for 2 1/2 years...Serving craft beer," a bartender told me. The Ale House is the place to go in the Bronx for craft beer, seeing as, besides Guinness, that's all you'll find on their taps. They have over a dozen taps that are changed almost daily, so they serve well over 100 different craft beers. For Craft Beer Week, they'll be serving up a selection of Ommegang Brewery, some Belgium ales from Cooperstown, NY.

Tosca Cafe in Throgs Neck will also be participating, but they're not quite sure what they're going to be doing. I'll come back and update this when they figure it out.

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