Thursday, September 1, 2011

This week in the Review...

You may not have missed it, but we weren't able to get the papers out by Wednesday night--because of the storm, our printer still didn't have power Tuesday. However, we worked out a deal with a different printer, so the papers are now out on the streets (you'll notice a little color difference and a fold in the page). Here are the stories from this week's Riverdale Review and Bronx Press (Sept. 1-7).

Armageddon, No; Annoying, Yes! (Hurricane Irene coverage. Or, eh hem, Tropical Storm Irene)
Further delays seen for controversial skating rink
Ravitch to keynote education confab
#1 Train may be no bargain, but its better than most
Residents raise $$ to bury neighbor
Investigation of PS 24 principal continues
Watch out! City won't remove poison ivy here

Also in the Bronx Press:
A Bronx-wide story on the storm
Frank Arricale, Educator and Public Servant, was 81 (obit)

No 'Person on the Street' this week, because our intern Amanda Macaluso has gone back to school at Manhattan College. Amanda was a great help all summer and has a bright future ahead of her; we wish her the best of luck.

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