Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ruiz Out, Endorses Diaz

Former State Senator and City Councilman Israel Ruiz Jr. just sent over a press release announcing that he will not be a candidate in the special election for borough president, and that he is endorsing Assemblyman Ruben Diaz.

Ruiz said that he spoke to Diaz, and that he was assured the assemblyman is committed to building a better Bronx.

"Assemblyman Diaz has informed me that under his watch he will work with all concerned to bring people together under the banner of the Bronx Democratic Party," said Ruiz. "He will strive for transparency in fundraising and use of party funds by party leadership. Assemblyman Diaz is committed to hiring the best qualified individuals to work on the economic, housing, education, immigration and employment initiatives that will help the Bronx survive the severe recession we face. I believe that Diaz, Jr. is committed to working for the civil rights of all, and will speak out against any injustices."

Ruiz added, "For the Special Election I endorse Ruben Diaz, Jr., and will work for his victory"

As for his political future, Ruiz indicated that he is still planning to run for City Council against Maria Baez, and will be opening a campaign office within a month.

"Within thirty days, I will be opening a campaign headquarters and have asked for a meeting with Democratic Party Chairman Carl Heastie to discuss my willingness to help in the building of a strong, honest, progressive Democratic Party," said Ruiz. "For thirty years I have helped many elected officials obtain jobs and helped with their aspirations to become elected officials. I never asked for anything in return except that they serve their constituents diligently. Unfortunately some have not been as effective or as honest as I had hoped."

Ruiz added, "In order to ingratiate themselves with past party leaders, some individuals have gone along with a corrupt leadership and system which values blind party loyalty at the expense of honest and effective service to the people. At my political peril, I have received the ire of powerful interest that stopped my advancement within the party. I feel that my experience and commitment can serve the party well."

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