Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Diaz To CFB: No Thanks

With his only opponent in the upcoming special election for borough president a poorly funded Anthony Ribustello, Assemblyman Ruben Diaz has decided to reject the use of hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer matching funds from the City's Campaign Finance Board.

"While I support and believe in the City’s campaign finance system, New Yorkers’ best interests must come first. In these tough economic times, especially while confronted with a seemingly non-competitive race for Bronx Borough President, it is my hope that returning these funds to City taxpayers will assist in the retention of jobs and the continuation of vital services," said Diaz in a prepared statement.

He added, "My campaign for Bronx Borough President is a people-powered, grassroots effort that relies on voters and volunteers to get the message out about my candidacy. That’s why my campaign was able to gather over 18,000 signatures from registered voters in the Bronx, and that’s why I will be elected the next Bronx Borough President."

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