Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reports: Diaz Petitions North of 16,000 Signatures

We don’t have official word yet, but we’re hearing that the campaign of Assemblyman Ruben Diaz has already collected more than 16,000 signatures on its nominating petitions, which is quite a number given that they only started on Monday.

Only 4,000 signatures are required to run in the special election, though candidates typically come in much higher than that to prevent challenges.

Since this is a special election, candidates cannot use traditional party labels and must come up with their own unique ballot line names. Diaz has chosen to place his campaign under the “Bronx Unity Party” banner.

We can also tell you who makes up Diaz’s committee to fill vacancies, which would decide who would take over the ballot line in the (highly unlikely) event that the assemblyman declined to run in the special election. That trio is State Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz (his father) and Assembly Members Aurelia Greene and Jeffrey Dinowitz.

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