Sunday, February 22, 2009

Polanco Not Running, Bronx Republicans Considering Endorsement In SpecElec

One of the interesting things about a special election is that members of any political party, or no party at all, can vote. One need only be a registered voter to participate. This means that members of the Bronx Republican, Conservative, Independence and Working Families parties will have a chance to make their voices heard, unlike in just about every other Bronx election, where the winner of the Democratic primary is the de facto winner of the seat.

It also means that anyone can run, regardless of political affiliation, and potentially wrest the borough presidency away from Democratic hands. One Republican who had been keeping a close eye on the seat is J.C. Polanco, the Bronx Republican Commissioner at the Board of Elections and a leader within what exists of the Bronx Republican Party.

When Adolfo Carrion was first reported to be headed to Washington and the Obama administration, Polanco told me that he was very interested in the seat, and would be weighing his options. Over the weekend, Polanco said that he had come to a decision, and would not be a candidate in the special election.

That's not to say the Republicans won't be involved in the race, or that they won't field their own candidate. Polanco said that Bronx Republican Chairman Joseph "Jay" Savino has been approached by potential candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, for his endorsement, and that the Republicans would be screening candidates shortly.

"Borough Hall under GOP leadership would be great for The Bronx and the party," said Polanco via email, "But there are great candidates on both sides of the aisle for Bronx Borough President."

--John DeSio

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