Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Agosto Explains LDA Endorsement Further

Kenny Agosto, district leader in the 80th Assembly District, took a few minutes over the weekend to further explain why his Liberty Democratic Association chose to endorse Assemblyman Ruben Diaz for Bronx Borough President.

As we know, the LDA has in recent weeks gone to battle with Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, City Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera's sister, and Agosto spoke happily about thwarting what he described as an attempt by the assemblywoman to stack the club and take over its leadership.

Agosto said his club chose to endorse Diaz because they felt he was the right man for the job, and because they were disappointed with Councilman Rivera’s record in the City Council, particularly as the health committee chairperson.

“I’m not doing this because I was mad at the Riveras,” said Agosto. “The person who takes over the borough presidency is going to be the political persona of the Bronx, and we need someone that’s going to respond.”

Agosto added that Diaz has practical experience as a member of the State Assembly and that he has been responsive to the needs of his constituents.

“We’re not picking someone just because he’s not someone else,” said Agosto. “There’s a record to run on. We need someone who is pragmatic, who is progressive, who’s going to do right by us.”

--John DeSio

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