Monday, January 9, 2012

St. Sen. Rev. Ruben Diaz tells us what we should know

Diaz loves Jesus.
St. Sen. Rev. Ruben Diaz has come out with another "What You Should Know" column, this one about the city preventing worship services in public buildings, such as schools and housing developments.

Diaz mentions an upcoming rally, in which a group of local religious and elected leaders, led by City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, will demonstrate against Mayor Bloomberg. The rally will be held on Thursday, Jan. 12, when the Mayor will present his State of the City Address.

Here is the full statement. The bold is Diaz's:

The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has decided to prohibit churches and religious groups from using auditoriums in public schools for worship services to our God.

You should know that this is not the first time that Mayor Bloomberg has demonstrated his rejection of everything that has to do with religion.

During the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers- where more than three thousand people died- Bloomberg forbid formal prayers and the participation of religious leaders, including the Catholic church’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

To counter this new decision of Mayor Bloomberg against churches, a group of religious leaders, led by Councilman Fernando Cabrera, has organized a demonstration against Mayor Bloomberg to be held on the day when the Mayor will present his State of the City Address.

This demonstration will take place this Thursday, January 12 at 12:00 noon in the atrium of Morris High School, located at 1100 Boston Road, on the corner of East  167th  Street in the Bronx.

As a State Senator representing constituents who attend worship services in public high schools and as the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization and through this column I invite all Ministers and members of the community to join us in our protest against having many of our churches and Ministers thrown into the street without a place to worship  God.

I ask all members of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization that when you attend our weekly meeting this Thursday, please wear your White Jacket, as we will be attending this demonstration after our meeting.

I expect that all organizations, singers, evangelists, leaders and members of the Christian community will support the leaders who are coordinating this demonstration in the same way that we like others to support us when we have our meetings or events.

This Thursday, January 12th  at 12:00 noon at Morris High School, located on Boston Road and  E. 167th Street, as members of the rank and file, and not as leaders; we will be there to participate and support such a noble cause.

I am Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.

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