Thursday, January 5, 2012

The 'Lost Subways' of the Bronx

The Bronx has two 'lost subways.'

The MTA had plans for much greater subway lines, but ultimately ran out of money to complete some of them. Included in that are two in the Bronx. The first was the extension of the D Train, which would have continued beyond Norwood all the way to Eastchester, ending at Boston Road and Baychester Avenue. The second was more complicated, having the 2nd Ave. Subway split into two, with one line running all the way to Throgs Neck and another cutting right up the middle of the borough within the right-of-way of the Metro North to Wakefield.

Check out the map at WNYC to see the two Bronx lines and all the other lost routes. Here is a screenshot of the Bronx, where you can see the two extended lines, in orange and light blue.

Poor 1 Train, still left all alone in the west.

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  1. Interesting. It is a shame there is no quick Cross-Bronx rail option. Is it unthinkable that the Bronx's residents would both work AND live in this borough, and would need better rapid transit options here? Intra-borough transit is a joke here, with sometimes having to take 3 or more buses within The Bronx to visit friends or family, which is an over hour-long ordeal. A rail that cuts through East-West would be much desired, and help spur economic development. We shouldn't have to take a train to Manhattan to get to The Bronx. Thank you for posting this.