Thursday, August 25, 2011

This week in the Review...

We had some great weather this week, but hopefully we won't have any bad news to report next week after Hurricane Irene destroys everyone (though I'm convinced zip code 10471 didn't feel the earthquake, giving those 'up the hill' elitists another egoboost they don't need. So go to Riverdale to be safe from the hurricane. I'm also convinced the hurricane will be nothing more than a typical summer rainstorm once it hits New York. For the record, I'm 10463).

Anyways, on to the stories in this week's Riverdale Review and Bronx Press:

Two new kindergarten classes will be created at PS 24, hopefully eliminating a wait list
Skate rink today, housing in Van Cortalndt Park next?
More delays for Memorial Grove (delays continue for comfort station just south of Grove)
Will fallout from closed 'toxic school' cause crowding in Riverdale?
Body of subway suicide victim remains unclaimed and unburied
Investigation continues of PS 24 personnel issues
Stellar "Les Mis" at the "Y"
Bronx Catholic schools outpace public schools
Person on the street: How do you feel about parking meters being replaced with Muni-Meters?

Also, in the Bronx Press:
More about the PS 51 toxic school
Orchard Beach, the Bronx Riviera, named #2 in the City

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