Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This week's Riverdale Review & Bronx Press

Here are the stories in this week's (April 5 - April 11) issues of the Riverdale Review and Bronx Press.

* Water rates to continue upward spiral > Homeowners could be hosed by yet another massive water rate hike after DEP proposed a 7 percent increase starting July 1 in order to cover escalating debt service on federally mandated infrastructure projects.
* Passover preparations a major production at the Hebrew Home > The Hebrew Home at Riverdale undergoes what is probably the most extensive kashering operation of its kind among New York area senior facilities. The facility estimates nearly 35,000 kitchen items - from forks to fryers to refrigerators - undergo the laborious cleansing procedure required each year before the holiday of Passover.
* Apartment building sells for $17 million > An 84-unit, six-story apartment building in Riverdale has been sold to an undisclosed New Jersey buyer for a mammoth $17.4 million.
* Espaillat announces run for Congress > State Senator Adriano Espaillat will officially challenge veteran politico Charlie Rangel for his seat in Congress. Espaillat, who currently represents a large section of Riverdale in the state Senate, formally announced his candidacy at an annual fundraiser for the Barack Obama Democratic Club in upper Manhattan on Sunday night.
* Plans for Broadway Plaza finalized; city rejects housing > It's official: City authorities have confirmed a long-awaited two-story shopping mall will be built at the 230th Street Broadway Plaza site.
* Attempted robbery at local Chase Bank > Police are on the hunt for a man who carried out a daring but ultimately unsuccessful daylight robbery at a Chase Bank on 3775 Riverdale Avenue at West 238th Street.
* Second youth market planned > Riverdale residents could get their second youth market by the summer, after Friends of Van Cortlandt Park submitted an application for funding to operate a scaled-down farmers market starting in July.
* P.S. 81 earns top marks on Quality Review report > Tweed authorities awarded P.S. 81 the highest possible rating and an overall score of "well-developed" on their latest Quality Review report.

Also in the Bronx Press:
* Lehman HS: A once proud school that was set up for failure > Lehman HS junior Ubayed Muhith responds to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's controversial 'Turnaround' plan with an illustration and opinion piece.
* Highbridge teen injured in elevator plunge > A Highbridge teen was injured after the cables of the elevator he was riding in snapped--plunging the car three stories and crashing into the building's basement.
* AT&T upgrades Bronx network > Since January 2011, AT&T has carried out 238 network upgrades in The Bronx, according to a new microsite for the greater New York region that allows users to see specific network enhancements that the company has made in their area.

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  1. It is obvious from your editorial of Nov. 1st where your political sympathies lie, namely, with a Romney – a consummate liar who has hidden what he believes under a cloud of confusion and contradiction, constantly altering his message according to his audience. His hypocrisy in repudiating the health care program on the federal level, an almost exact duplicate of the one he enacted in his own state is nothing less than astounding. That alone should disqualify him from occupying the White House. He claims that his business experience provides him with expertise in knowing how to create jobs, when in fact his job at Bain was to axe thousands of jobs rather than to create them, all for the sake of enriching what has become known as the 1%. His phoney slogan of “Bringing America Back” has no credibility since his so called economic program for the restoration of the country has been denounced by the vast majority of respectable economists as empty of substance. His refusal to release his tax records speaks blatantly of the scandal it would cause if done so. How about the suspicion that he has stashed away untold amounts of money in offshore accounts? How about his attempt to smear Obama's saving of the auto industry, justification for which has been condemned by executives of the auto industry itself.

    Romney is a proponent of the interests of the 1% as was made obvious in an address to his billionaire supporters. That he has contempt for the majority of working class people was made all to obvious in that address, courting those who will ultimately destroy the economic foundations of this country as they did in the Great Meltdown. Romney will definitely give them that another opportunity with his promise of deregulation.

    You are probably right that you are the only locally known newspaper. But the problem is that, unlike Western Beef, you know nothing about the neighborhood.